Kill Emil ‎– Interdimensional Travel (Coloured)

Kill Emil ‎– Interdimensional Travel (Coloured)

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  • Label Fennek Records
  • Style Hip Hop, Instrumental, Trip Hop, Independent
  • Format 10''
  • Weight 100gr
Track List:
A1 Peace and Friendship 1:52
A2 The Counterfeiter 0:40
A3 Can't Forget 1:35
A4 Flat Land 1:14
A5 Music 2:15
A6 B Boys in da Hood 1:03
A7 Bass Attack 1:33
A8 Under Law 1:08
B1 What Time is it? 1:43
B2 Damn 1:01
B3 Dusty Boxes 1:46
B4 Chambers 0:51
B5 Changes 1:04
B6 Sunset (Demo Version) 1:56
B7 Mercy 0:59
B8 Have you Heard? 1:00
White coloured!
Kill Emil’s latest project ‘Interdimensional Travel’ is a concept Instrumental hip-hop 10“ vinyl with outstanding artwork and music vibes!
The album: It sounds a bit like going to space. Mysteriously strange and scrumptious beats never heard before, the one love we only need is music, even in the most alienated times of our inter dimensions! Kill Emil knows how to layer electronics and samples to create an uplifted dimension of reality vs fantasy. Dusty Boxes and Chambers filled me up. Although I still can’t say what my favorite track is. I think I’ll be listening to this every day, for days and days. What is yours? Thanks, Kill Emil for this amazing ride! Enjoy the (Sade) sunset….. we have just arrived at our destination to chill!
Album review by

Kill Emil is a DJ and producer based in Athens, Greece – by way of Brazil – who, since 2009, has created a healthy discography of potent beats and sublime atmospheres. With an early inspiration in hip hop, Kill Emil has been prolifically chopping up breaks on his MPC.

He laces hip hop-based beats with his own upbeat rhythms to go above and beyond typical looped downtempo sounds. Sophisticated beats, positive grooves and warm loops characterize his sound while his warm instrumentals border on otherworldliness has matured immensely and he always stays headnoddingly fresh. So it’s not surprising that he regularly tours all over Europe.


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